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At Fairsew we believe fashion can be beautiful without the human or environmental cost. We are an ethical garment manufacturer that provides a transparent and quality service without compromising a fair and safe work environment. Our ethos is centred in proving that fair fashion can be high quality, profitable, environmentally conscious, and have a positive social impact for everyone in the supply chain. We are what the fashion industry needs and deserves, a professional, transparent, and quality manufacturer.

Based in the bustling city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Fairsew is a full service ethical garment manufacturer that:

  1. Values employees by providing a safe working environment, offering remuneration well above minimum levels for Cambodian garment workers, and the opportunity for further learning and skill development.
  2. Provides a quality service to clients through an open and clear channel of communication, and a commitment to transparency in our supply chain.
  3. Is conscious of the environmental effects of the fashion industry and actively minimises wastage, recycles fabrics, and avoids the use of toxic materials where possible.
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Fabulously Fair Fashion with Fairsew
Where were your clothes made? If they were made at ethical manufacturer, Fairsew, you know they were made by Cambodian people that have been treated fairly.
Design & Tech Pack Development

We offer a unique service for businesses who require technical assistance with their product vision. We have our own basic designs that you can easily modify (such as a basic unisex t-shirt), or we can consult on your original designs to advise on the finishing touches.

Unlike most Cambodian factories, we have in-house trained professionals in design, pattern making and sample critiquing. Our standardised Fairsew Tech Pack will guide you in everything needed to make your idea into a product or we’ll prepare it for you with detailed sketches, technical drawings, and measurements.

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Pattern Making & Grading

At Fairsew we have trained industry professionals who can easily translate your design idea into a perfect technical pattern ready for production.

A pattern is the core guide for the production process that is used as a blueprint for constructing a garment. A good pattern considers design, balance, and fit on the body, and expresses the designer’s idea accurately.

As the manufacturer we know exactly what details are needed for the most efficient production scheduling, saving our client’s time and avoiding extra costs.

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Sample Making & Production

The sample making process is the designers first chance to see their ideas come to life, and test whether a pattern is feasible.

Our skilled Sample Sewer will examine the preparedness of the design pattern for production, evaluating any problems that need reassessment before final approval for production.

As our pattern makers and sample sewers are in-house, we have the ability to collaborate and ensure all elements are executed precisely.

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We are happy to assist in the sourcing of your fabrics and accessories, though there are limitations in the Cambodian market.

  • Local, Recycled Materials:

We encourage our clients to utilise pre-consumer waste that circulates in Cambodia due to the dense quantity of industrial factories. We often save good quality fabrics and accessories from entering land fill, re-purposing them back into the supply chain at a low cost.

As these materials are off-cuts or cast-offs from factories, there is a limitation of quantities and thus are not easily re-ordered. Quantities can range anywhere between 0.25 meters to 100 meters (maximum) of different size cuts of the same fabric. Generic colours such as charcoal grey, off white, or navy blue, are easily found in large amounts, though there can be differences in weight, or exact shade of the fabric.

We can either source these fabrics on the client’s behalf and arrange fabric swatches to be posted. Or we also offer a guided tour service whereby clients can be chaperoned around the market to source their own fabrics.

  • Local Fabrics and Accessories:

Cambodia does not make manufacture many fabrics, though does specialise in  hand-woven silks and cotton, and accessories made from coconut shell, silver, and wood.

Sourcing locally made fabrics can be time consuming and expensive, though does allow a greater deal of transparency along the supply chain.

If you prefer to source locally made materials, we can assist in contacting artisans and sending fabric swatches.

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