Fair for Clients

The fashion industry has an enormous problem with transparency in supply chains. A fact made clearer by the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013. Excessive out-sourcing, corruption, and exploitation of third world countries has left many brands clueless about where their clothes are made, and Fairsew is part of the revolution that will change the fashion industry.

Fairsew is a branded manufacturer that adds values to our client's businesses. Our name resonates with the revolution we desperately need in the industry, and that consumers are demanding. When customers purchase garments made by Fairsew, they can easily follow the supply chain, know where their clothes have been made, and trust the ethical conditions they were made in.

We offer our client's complete transparency throughout our supply chain, and support an open dialogue about our manufacturing processes. We invite clients to visit out facility in Phnom Penh, or alternatively send auditors to independently evaluate our commitment to fair fashion. We make transparency and fair fashion easy.

We also adhere to a strict policy for intellectual property, ensuring designs, screens and patterns remain unique to the client, and no client information is published without express written permission.