Fair for Employees

Fairsew workplace standards have been modelled off the World Fair Trade Organisation's (WTFO) 10 Principles of Fair Trade, as well as the International Labour Organisation's (ILO) Good Practice Standards.

We are committed to maintaining a fair workplace where we support equal pay and freedom of association, zero tolerance of discrimination, and very simply, ensure no child labour or forced labour enters our workforce. We believe that our employees deserve to be recognised for their work, and reward staff with benefits well above the standards in Cambodia. Unlike most Cambodian garment workers, our employees receive a fair wage that enables them to pay for food, rent, and education for their children, as well as save money for their future goals.

We want all of our staff to feel included, and actively work to involve everyone in the decision-making process about their workplace. We encourage learning and skills development through external training programs, and subsidised study assistance, and offer incentives through promotions and bonuses so that ambitious workers can be rewarded.

We value and maintain a safe and healthy working environment by providing access to a comfortable workspace with clean amenities, pure drinking water, fans and a kitchen for an hour-long lunch break. To ensure our staff don't have to endure the stress of medical bills, we have a membership with Hope Hospital where everyone has an spending allowance to see a doctor, and buy medicine. If they spend their allowance we subsidise 10% of any additional medical bills.