Fair for the Environment

According to Greenpeace, approximately 400 billion square meters of textiles are created each year, of which 60 billion square meters never find it's intended use and left behind as off-cuts and remnants. Fairsew is conscious of the detrimental and wasteful impact of fashion, and actively minimises wastage by recycling pre-consumer waste (factory off-cuts and remnants) back into the supply chain.

The garment industry is Cambodia's single greatest export, and thus is home to hundreds of factories producing textile waste. Fairsew utilises these factories oversupply of textiles by sourcing fabrics that would otherwise go to land fill. We also save our own remnants to once again be recycled back into the supply chain, ensuring minimalisation of waste.

When clients prefer to use new fabrics, we support local textile businesses and have established relationships with various producer groups who weave silks and cottons, avoid toxic dyes, and are always open to working with new and innovative fabric technologies. We also strictly avoid animal leather.