Our Story

Fairsew has grown organically from a small workroom, to an established producer for brands all over the world. Founded by Australian woman Anneliese Helmy, our story started when she hired staff for her own bridal label in Phnom Penh. Modelling the business using Australia’s fair work regulations, Anneliese ensured that her staff were paid fairly, and encouraged them to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Realising the need for fair and transparent production, Fairsew has grown to challenge opaqueness in the garment industry and return the beauty back to fashion.

Founder & Director
Anneliese Helmy

Anneliese has lived in Phnom Penh since 2008 and has over 20 years’ experience working in the fashion industry. She is a qualified fashion designer and pattern maker, with experience in mainstream fashion since 1993, before pursuing the bridal industry and couture in 2000. Her technical skills are what guarantee Fairsew’s expert consulting and production quality.

Workroom Team Leader

Sopheak has been a part of the Fairsew team since its inception in 2013. She is Cambodian born, and grew up in Phnom Penh, starting her career in the fashion industry when she joined Fairsew. Sopheak is an essential member of our team whose expertise in sample sewing and quality control are what ensures Fairsew’s high quality.

“Fairsew is like me school. I get new knowledge every single day to add to my sewing skill. I understand my labor right. I can lead my team, and we all have confidence to work with foreigners.”

Production Officer

A local from Phnom Penh, Sreythe is our expert in sourcing remnant fabric rolls and Cambodian textiles. She started her career in the fashion industry when she first joined Fairsew in 2013. Sreythe has grown with Fairsew to become an expert in sourcing and production, as well as a professional and friendly liaison with Clients.

“I like the environment at my work place. Here has enough air and ight, kitchen and hot and cold drinking water. It cannot harm my health.”